(Above: Ultra Modern Home Theater)

                                  Atelier (pronounced: adl'ya) a workshop or studio used by designers.

In southern California, Atelier and Associates is your building design contact for new "Modern" home design, rehab, and also "home theater" design ideas. Our primary focus though is to rehabilitate dilapidated homes for rejuvenation.  Our home theater design department shares this passion as well in the Los Angeles basin, San Bernardino Valley, San Fernando Valley and the inland empire region.

Our Mission

The efforts at Atelier and Associates is notably one of distinction and aim to stand out from other companies with focus on the "ultra contemporary", Home Entertainment hubs, product selection, forethought and let's not forget, . .  Customer satisfaction.

Atelier and Associates incorporates well proven strategies, professional digitally generated CAD designs that maintain up to date standards in cinema product taste. After each project has been taken in by our team, we passionately "consume" our work carefully letting you know it has been cared for and created for you, the customer.

Our Drive

As obstacles exist with any project, they certainly present themselves in the creative realm of design. Keeping an open and focused mind presents welcomed challenges that can bring about the most wonderful and sometimes surprising results.

Atelier and Associates

We thrive on creativity and being different is a central core of our efforts. We keep you

first and foremost.

Simple "One Trip" dry goods 40' shipping container

Raw Beginnings

We take advantage of items that are thought to be "Unconventional" but consider the uncanny possibilities that can be achieved.  Case in point, Storage containers not only ship products globally but also can provide several benefits to a homeowner dealing with environmental disaster or desiring solid protection.

Yes, . . .we can even design a Home Theater out of a shipping container providing it is grounded properly!

Design and Research

Determining which segment of the country a customer resides in is "center stage" as our designers  lookup and qualify the best materials for concealment from the elements. This gives every discerning property owner a peace of mind that the best quality of items will be used for comfort and reliability. 

Build List and Estimates

Using software data we take into account all the materials that will be accounted for in each design to give as accurate an estimate in our projects. 

Construction Documents

Cad software is used to create the first "Preliminary" drawings that will be presented for client approval. The documents then are fully drafted to get a finalized approval before being submitted to any city planning departments.  

Sound and Cozy?

The layout and framing process with proper installation of wire feeds, insulation and correct sound absorption materials are to be used in constructing your project. We also designate only the best "quiet" engineered "title 24" (HVAC) environment for your entertainment room enjoyment.

Finished Project

Break open the Bottle of Champagne and get the open house invites ready! She's finished!!  From Raw and cruel beginnings to a lovely cozy Home "OR" entertaining cinema room. 

Atelier is a company with "YOU" as priority and thrives on bringing your dreams to life. 

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So, go ahead and "Launch Your Dream today"

                        Atelier and Associates

                 "Launch Your Dream!"

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